Continuously at Work (always a rough draft).

Never assume! (Always double check the source.)

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Welcome to (schotynet for short) is a collection of tech articles, a database of books, maps, videos, a central hub for many actives. Schotynet is largely a continuous stream of content, that is (in nature) like a rough draft – that is, schoytnet is largely a staging ground to record thoughts, get polls, and store and sort materials; or in other words, schotynet is perpetually under construction. While, it is generally hoped (and the aim of schotynet) that the content found here be accurate and truthful, it may alas, not always be the case.

  • Guardians of Piety: Here is an collection of works, written by me and others, or by our ancient, or recent, ancestors. We preserve the pious and enlightening works of our ancestors, in the hopes many will find encouragement, and enlightenment. We not only preserve the works of honest and pious men here, but also the works of flawed men, even outright evil men; in the hopes that we can make good use of it as a testimony against them, and as a warning for us all. The topics that can be found here are too numerous to enumerate; but among them you will find: law, history, dogma, philosophy, science, and something that resembles a blog.
  • Slackware Linux: Here is a collection of all things Linux related; including ramblings, and hopefully useful and interesting information. Among the things you will find here are SlackBuilds.
  • Other topics that do not belong anywhere else.

About this Server:

Schotynet proudly runs on Slackware64-14.2

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